What is SPUR? We are a location technology hub, powered by Landgate, with a proven track-record in innovation, ambitious to help your venture succeed. It doesn’t matter whether you are from government, or industry, a developer or start-up, a researcher or a business.  SPUR brings together a selection of Landgate’s services in a fresh, dynamic way, to provide you with access to data, resources and key contacts, all in the one place.

Our aim is to nurture a pipeline of partnership, investment opportunities and support for emerging Western Australian based location technology businesses.

Three elements underpin SPUR, ‘spurring’ on those willing to explore new ideas - collaboration, stimulation and acceleration.


We bring people and organisations together to work on realising shared goals. This is the future for identifying social and economic opportunities and efficiencies.

We openly encourage greater collaboration between groups of people and industries. We offer opportunities for networking at sponsored events and through a co-working space within Landgate’s Midland building in Perth, Western Australia.

SPUR is a strong advocate in working together.


We help turn ideas into action and SPUR on start-up businesses and commercial partnerships through facilitating investment and joint ventures.

Whether you are from government or industry, a developer or start-up, a researcher or a business, SPUR will provide a single entry point to government data, resources and key contacts.


SPUR ideas can accelerate at great speed. SPUR has the people and connections to drive your idea faster.

We offer access to location data and other government datasets through developer licences, which support the development of innovative location technology based ideas. We actively participate in research programs and commercial partnerships.

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