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There is vast untapped potential in the hundreds of datasets that government collects in going about its day-to-day operations. Providing public access to this data unlocks the opportunity to better solutions and innovative business models that overcome challenges in new ways.

SPUR is committed to connecting Western Australia’s land, property and location data to the broader community with a view to generating better ways of doing business. Through the Location Information Strategy for WA (PDF 1.4MB), SPUR seeks to maximise the benefits of WA’s location information assets.

In accordance with the Location Information Strategy and the WA Whole of Government Open Data Policy (PDF 618KB), the Location Information Access Framework (LIAF) was developed with WALIS members. It combines and updates separate policies and practice guidelines.

It has been recognised that it is important to provide clear direction regarding the management of location information in WA. The LIAF aims to facilitate ready access to the broadest possible range of fit-for-purpose location information for use by the WA community.

WALIS partners and other organisations with an interest in location information are encouraged to use the LIAF to maximise the benefits of coordinated acquisition, management, publication and dissemination of location information for WA.

The Framework comprises the Code of Practice (PDF 649KB) and the Guidelines (PDF 1.04 MB), a supporting document which describes the key practices and other general provisions to be adopted to implement the principles of the Framework.

SPUR coordinates a range of additional services in support of the Location Information Strategy:

  • – access to data generated across the WA public sector through WA Whole-of-Government Open Data Policy
  • Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP) – a wide range of location-based data services and simple on-line maps, including LocateWA
  • CaptureWA – the Capture WA Program aims to reduce duplication and maximise sharing of our location assets across the state of WA. By coordinating the capture, management and sharing of location-based data and information across the WA public sector we are able to maximise the benefit of public investment in these assets. The program includes a panel contract, managed by Landgate, that maximises our our buying power and enables data to be re-used by others
  • WALIS – the WALIS community is a unique collaboration between the government, private and research sectors that has worked together for over 35 years, building networks and improving the use of and access to data. WALIS works with the community to make it easier to find, use and improve location information for WA
  • WALIS Marine Group – a community of practice under WALIS, specifically focused on mapping and sharing data on WA’s unique coastal and marine environments.

Landgate holds a range of property and sales related data including street address, names and land valuation data. SPUR can help you access the right data in the right format to value-add to your business and suited to your circumstances.

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As part of Landgate we share our experience in developing and managing a world-class land administration system around the nation and across the globe, offering advice to local and international organisations and government data providers.

Using a wealth of location information and land administration expertise, our consultancy services can help you maximise the value of location information to improve your business processes and systems, benefiting your organisation and customers.

Our international consultancy services also span across borders and have culminated in the establishment of solid and equitable partnerships which are helping to alleviate poverty, modernise land systems, increase resources and encourage self-dependence.

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We provide training programs to international government to increase their awareness and knowledge of integrated modern land information systems, practices and operations including the critical links between industry and government.

We promote location information to school students through events such as HackED to support industry growth into the future.

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Innovation programs

Innovation programs are an excellent way to improve services while capitalising on in-house experience and expertise. Successful programs generate and capture ideas which have the ability to solve problems for everyone.

SPUR is home to Landgate’s highly regarded innovation program. Since 2008, the Innovation Program has captured more than 3,000 thought bubbles, delivering improvements to Landgate’s operations and providing value to customers.

We want to share our experience with others, so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel in setting up your own innovation program.

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