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There is vast untapped potential in the hundreds of datasets that government generates through its day-to-day operations. Providing public access to this data unlocks opportunities to solve problems in new ways, and support new data-driven businesses in Western Australia.

SPUR is committed to opening-up access to Western Australia’s land, property and location data to the broader community with a view to generating better ways of doing business. Through the Location Information Strategy for WA (PDF 1.4MB), SPUR seeks to maximise the benefits of WA’s location information assets.

To support the Location Information Strategy and the WA Whole of Government Open Data Policy (PDF 618KB), a Location Information Access Framework (PDF 1.04MB) has been developed by a community of public sector open data agencies.

This Location Information Access Framework (PDF 649KB) unites previously separate guidelines and policies that support the sharing of unique data assets generated by the public sector in WA.

WA public sector organisations, and other businesses with an interest in maximizing the benefits of sharing location information are encouraged to use this simple Framework. The Framework comprises the Code of Practice (PDF 649KB) and the Guidelines (PDF 1.04 MB), a supporting document which describes key practices that support information sharing.

SPUR coordinates a range of services that support the Location Information Strategy and implementation of the WA Whole of Government Open Data Policy (PDF 618KB):

  • – save time by not having to visit separate web sites to find and access WA public sector data
  • The Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP) – enabling location-based data and services through
  • CaptureWA – reduces duplication of cost and effort in the procurement of location data and services for the WA public sector. The program includes a panel contract, managed by Landgate, that maximises our public sector buying power and enables data to be re-used by others
  • WALIS – a community of WA public sector agencies established in 1981 that focusses on reducing duplication and costs of capturing, managing and sharing location information.
  • WALIS Marine Group – a community of practice under WALIS, specifically focused on mapping and sharing data on WA’s unique coastal and marine environments.

Landgate holds a range of property and sales related data including street address, names and land valuation data. SPUR can help you access the right data in the right format to value-add to your business and suited to your circumstances.

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