Capture WA program overview

The Capture WA Program is designed to reduce duplication and maximise sharing of our location assets across the state of WA.

Planning, recording and acquiring the information through one channel ensures the best use of resources.

Benefits of participating in the Capture WA program:

  • optimises the use of government funding by reducing duplication and improving collaboration
  • ensures that Intellectual Property remains within the state
  • eliminates the need for individual contractual arrangements
  • ensures data is captured to industry standards.

Capture WA program options

Any government organisation can request data to be acquired through the capture program. Requests for self-funded data acquisition can be submitted at any time using the online Capture WA register. No tender process is necessary as the program offers a range of pre-qualified suppliers through the Capture WA contract and capture requests can be tailored to meet agency needs.

If agencies prefer to self-fund capture and not use the Capture WA contract, we ask that you please inform us of this independent data acquisition by notification in the Capture WA register. This helps reduce duplication of capture. Notification of independent capture can be submitted at any time.

Through the program, limited funds are available for the capture of critical location information assets where common needs across agencies can be identified as a priority. An annual planning cycle is conducted at the start of each calendar year to determine the capture priorities and plan the imagery revision for the next financial year. Agencies are requested to submit their requests for program-funded or self-funded capture in the Capture WA register. Requests are assessed against the available funds in consultation with other agencies. A capture plan is finalised by the end of April.

Pooling self-funded and co-funded requests allows for more capture, sharing and reduced duplication among government organisations.

Capture WA data

The Capture WA program offers a wide range of data categories such as vector, elevation and depth, imagery and innovative products and services. Examples of common data capture requests include:

  • aerial photography
  • online imagery services
  • satellite imagery
  • LiDAR and bathymetry
  • contours
  • digital elevation models
  • 3D surveys
  • topographic data
  • any other type of spatial data capture.

Capture WA contract

A whole-of-state panel contract with a range of pre-qualified suppliers are available. The contract provides for a flexible range of options and a faster procurement process. We can also assist with technical or product advice. Where alternate terms and conditions apply, individual licence conditions will be discussed with agencies for products or services from these suppliers.

The Capture WA contract is advertised recurrently on the Tenders WA website. This provides new suppliers the opportunity to be qualified under the panel contract. It allows current contractors the opportunity to apply for qualification in additional categories.

Capture WA contract suppliers

Company Vector data
Elevation and
depth products
Imagery products
and services
Innovative products
and services
Aerometrex Pty Ltd yes  yes  yes  yes 
AAM Pty Ltd yes  yes  yes  no 
Airbus DS Geo Aust. Pty Ltd* yes  yes  yes  yes 
BCE Surveying Pty Ltd no  yes  no  no 
DMS Geodata Limited* yes  yes  yes  yes 
Fugro Spatial Solutions Pty Ltd yes  yes  yes  yes 
Geospatial Intelligence Pty Ltd* yes  yes  yes  yes 
Global Unmanned Systems Pty Ltd no  yes  yes  yes 
Nearmap Australia Pty Ltd* no  yes  yes  yes 
Outline Global Pty Ltd yes  yes  yes  yes 
Photomapping Services Pty Ltd yes  yes  yes  yes 
Cyber Technology (WA) Pty Ltd no  no  no  yes 
RPS Australia East Pty Ltd yes  yes  yes  yes 
Spectrum Ecology Pty Ltd no  yes  yes  ye 
Spookfish Australia Pty Ltd* no  no  no  yes 
Total Earth Solutions Pty Ltd no  yes  yes  no 

* Current contractors

For more information, or to promote awareness of the Capture WA among your colleagues, please download the Capture WA brochure.

Capture WA program updates

The following table shows the timeline of the programs:
2018 - 2019

CLOSED for program funded imagery requests

2018 - 2019

OPEN for all other requests

2017 - 2018

CLOSED for program funded imagery requests on 30 June 2017

Capture WA register

Requests can be entered via the online Capture WA register at any time. However due to the logistics of reviewing suppliers and getting quotes, imagery requests need to be collected and considered as a single batch each year. For information on the deadline for imagery requests, email

Capture WA program plans and maps

View layers and show/ hide their layer contents in these interactive PDF maps:


Capture WA FAQs

Online Capture WA Register - getting started

Orthophoto mosaic coverage status (PDF 623KB)

Capture WA brochure (PDF 1.2MB)

Online Capture WA register user guide (PDF 1.86MB)

Video: Raising a capture request in Capture WA

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