Fabulous first info session with Landgate's SPURonWA grants 2019 cohort!

SPUR consultant Tim Lyons summarised the grant agreement and the way we'll work together with the new crew. Hub Coordinator Jenny Howard and Grants Coordinator Frankie Becu-Reynolds briefed everyone on promotional and networking opportunities as well as governance requirements.

This year Landgate welcomes six new startups to the SPUR team;

uDrew, Hygge Community Life Limited, matter., LeaseMap, Akora and MyRiver.

We look forward to supporting the new team with data, expertise, coworking, connections into government and industry and promotional opportunities to help them get their businesses up and running. Congratulations all!

L to R: Tim Lyons (SPUR), Dave Halvorsen (LeaseMap), Blake Cassidy & Martin McGinty (matter.), Yvonne Larsen & Adam Leask (MyRiver), James Adams (uDrew), Iain Shields (Home Hub by Hygge) and Kris Zima (uDrew).

Front: Barkley Day and Nick Wust (Akora)

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