Six SPUR hub highlights of 2019

The SPUR team is ready to jump into 2020 but before we do, let’s take a look at a few highlights of 2019.

You might be surprised at what we’ve been up to this year.

SPUR HQ, our Midland dedicated coworking space, officially launched in February.

The space is free to use for eligible startups who are looking to access Landgate’s geospatial expertise.

You don’t need to be a grant winner, as long as you’re using location information in an innovative way.

Contact us to find out how to access the space and start talking to our geospatial team.

April took us to Spacecubed for Startup Weekend Perth #13.

Sponsoring events like this gets us up close to  you - startups and entrepreneurs who can use SPUR services - and gets the word out on how Landgate is helping to open up WA government data for use by people with amazing property or location-data based ideas.

SPUR team members were onsite from go to whoa, helping weekenders with everything from design thinking through to accessing and using data. We love nothing more than opening minds to the use of location information in new ideas.

We’ve got the data – you’ve got the ideas!

We were closer to home in June for Startups UP CLOSE

at the Landgate Events Space in Midland.

Always looking to spur on our startups, we invited SPURonWA grant winners to present a ‘taster’ of their idea to an audience of state and local government representatives as well as Landgate employees. Afterwards, eager audience members flocked to startup exhibition booths for a longer conversation.

Feedback from everyone was hugely positive. Not only did we connect our startups directly to government decision makers but startup to startup connections happened too. The big call out all round was ‘more please!’

July saw the team helping out at the Indigenous Mapping Workshop Perth

at FLUX in the city.

What a fabulous opportunity to help 105 Australia-wide Indigenous (or affiliated) participants have access to geospatial training for application to projects supporting communities; helping them make best practice decisions about their land and water usage.

Our teams were on the ground delivering their expertise in geospatial technology and native title insight across the two-day workshop. Not only did the workshop benefit three Indigenous grant winners The Kullilli Challenge, The Willowra Mapping Project and Working on Country, it also began development of Indigenous iconography – symbols for significant sites and objects - and was rewarding and insightful for our Landgate teams.

When August comes around, so does Curtin Ignition.

This prestigious commercialisation program has provided SPUR supported startups with superior business acumen and networking benefits since 2016. This year we sponsored two places at Ignition and provided one-to-one clinics for people using location information as part of their idea.

2016 recipient Jacinta Howzer of Cultured Cities said, ‘The program provided us with amazing networking opportunities and helped us devise better ways of meeting our customers’ needs. 2019 participant Jack Lanciano of RideHub said, ‘I’m so motivated and excited for my future. I know that Ignition will leave a lasting impact on my life’.

L to R: Tim Lyons (SPUR), Dave Halvorsen (LeaseMap), Blake Cassidy & Martin McGinty (matter.), Yvonne Larsen & Adam Leask (MyRiver), James Adams (uDrew), Iain Shields (Home Hub by Hygge) and Kris Zima (uDrew). Front: Barkley Day and Nick Wust (Akora)

SPURonWA grants were awarded in October to six recipients who received $92,700 between them.

uDrewHygge Community Life Limited, matter ., LeaseMapAkora and MyRiver were welcomed to the SPURonWA team.

uDrew is a design and engineering platform empowering business and homeowners with the ability to design, engineer and manage their own custom-building projects, saving time and money.

The Home Hub by HYGGE is Australia's first affordable and alternative housing/homelessness advertising service that connects people in need of safe, secure and affordable homes with the available options they have.

LeaseMap provides independent rental market and leasing information, on a localised basis, for commercial properties and businesses in Western Australia.

matter. uses a combination of ground-breaking smart sensors and analytics software to provide waste data intelligence.

Akora is changing the way residential property is managed by integrating operations with a custom-built web application that supports the next big innovation in property.

MyRiver is a user friendly and attractive mobile app designed to activate the Swan River precinct.

The SPUR hub is just one way Landgate promotes it's services to startups, government and industry to help 'spur on' development of new technology, new ideas, new industries and new jobs for WA.

And that brings us to now.

A new place to cowork for startups using location-data, 80 Startup Weekend participants made aware of SPUR and Open Data services, 6 startups connected to government, 105 Indigenous, and those supporting Indigenous startups and businesses, educated in geospatial technology, 2 startups - including one Indigenous - sponsored to Curtin Ignition, and 6 startups assisted through SPURonWA grants.

SPUR on 2020!

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