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Are you looking to accelerate your innovative Western Australian location data-based idea? Do you need cash to get moving?  

Let us SPUR you on with a SPURonWA grant.

Any day now, SPUR powered by Landgate, will offer $100,000 funding with up to $25,000 per idea, to help you with costs like product development, commercialisation services, intellectual property protection and much more. 

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More details on how to apply are coming soon.

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2017 SPURonWA grant winners SpacetoCo:

We have been privileged to work with the SPURonWA team. They have been helpful, enthusiastic and prepared to help in any way possible. The team has looked for multiple opportunities to assist SpacetoCo from the provision of a working space, to assistance with events, to exploring an opportunity to further engage in a project for the utilisation of SpacetoCo as a system for the entirety of Landgate’.

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