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SPUR is pleased to be helping Western Australian start-up BuildingApprovals.com drive its business forward.

Structural engineer Chris Dorian founded BuildingApprovals.com two years ago after becoming frustrated with the complexities and inefficiencies associated with obtaining building plan approval.  His goal is to develop a fully automated online building approval system ensuring consumers enjoy a smooth, effortless experience during the planning process.

The company has launched Builder’s E-Commerce, a customisable online platform for builders.

SPUR is helping BuildingApprovals.com with its idea for development of the complete online building approval process through access to Landgate data, mentorship and a friendly place to co-work.

This is our first co-working collaboration and it’s proving beneficial to everyone involved.  But don’t just take our word for it!  Here’s what Chris Dorian from BuildingApprovals.com has to say about working with SPUR.

Landguide company logo

WA tech start-up Landguide teamed up with SPUR to create a new comparison website which helps first home buyers and investors save time and money when choosing where to live or invest.

Founded in 2015, Landguide was created to educate and empower land buyers by improving transparency and simplifying the process of finding your dream location to live.

The recipient of a SPURonWA grant, Landguide embarked on a journey to collate the overwhelming amount of real estate data available and build an innovative new style of comparison website. Making use of a SPUR Developer’s Licence, specifically designed for start-ups, Landguide leverages real time location data to give a true perspective of a block of land and the surrounding location, allowing land buyers to compare features like local amenities, schools and transportation services.

The website Landguide.com.au, launched in April 2017, lets buyers directly compare land from different sellers across the state. It also offers the ability to review the environmental rating of new land estates using both the Green Build Council Australia and the EnviroDevelopments rating systems. Through the use of these insights, the Landguide team believes it will drive land sellers to be more competitive on price and features while encouraging the land buyer to consider the long-term value of the property they are buying.

Landguide stimulates the potential for affordable living, lifestyle and sustainability by putting the power back into the consumer’s hands.

Encouraging buyers to think more about value, the ultimate mission of Landguide is to improve housing affordability and promote liveable communities in Western Australia.


PropertySMS is an app that is changing the way real estate professionals are communicating with their clients. 

The app allows agents to maintain a consistent flow of personalised, relevant communication on local property sales with their contact list of potential sellers or buyers. Whenever a home is sold near a property that is owned by one the agents’ contacts, a text message is generated on the agents’ behalf advising of the sale price along with other property details.

This technology enhances the agents’ professional service increasing their chances of business in their local neighbourhood.

PropertySMS took advantage of access to a SPUR developer’s licence from Landgate. This allowed PropertySMS to integrate Landgate’s property and sales data, at a reduced cost during the engineering and market validation stage of their app development.

Find out more about PropertySMS, watch a demonstration video or download the app by visiting propertysms.com.au.

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