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What is SPUR?

SPUR, powered by Landgate, is the Western Australian government services hub for the innovative use of location information. Read about us and our background.

SPUR is not an acronym. It's a call to action.

The objectives of SPUR are as follows:

  • support individuals, businesses,startups who are using government location data to develop products and services
  • reduce the operating costs of government and industry for a stronger WA economy
  • improve government service delivery to benefit the community

We want to ‘SPUR on’ WA.

Everything happens in a geographical place. The term 'location information' can be interchanged with spatial, geospatial, geodata, and geographic information.

Location information can be utilised across many industries including Property & Real Estate, Transport, Agriculture, IT and Building/Construction. Examples include:

  • Food delivery and ride sharing platforms use location data to map a route to your destination
  • Real estate platforms display location and property data to inform buyers and sellers
  • Spatial service companies use satellite and other imagery to determine changes to the built and natural environment and inform business decisions
  • Landgate’s Property Sales Reports use location data to provide sales history for Western Australian

For more examples, read more about past SPURonWA grant winners here success stories.

The Western Australian Land Information Authority (Landgate) is the State's trusted and respected source of location information, helping to inform important decision-making in government, business and the community.  Landgate provides a secure land titles system, impartial land valuation
services and authoritative location information – all vital to the Western Australian property market and the State's economy.

SPUR, being part of Landgate, is interested in supporting businesses operating in our area of expertise. Hence, the focus of the SPURon WA grant on property and location information.

Furthermore, Landgate/SPUR is leading the Whole-of-Government Open Data Policy via its platform data.wa.gov.au which enables access to government data. Open Data is supporting innovation and economic growth by revealing opportunities for businesses large and small
to build new products/services, identify savings and improve operations.

The SPURonWA grant program is an annual offering of funding support to WA businesses, startups and individuals developing innovative property and location based ideas/products/services.

SPURonWA grants is an annual offering. Follow SPUR on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn for
grant updates.

Minister for Lands Hon Ben Wyatt announced the recipients of the 2019 SPURonWA grants in October 2019.

Read more about the SPURonWA grants and previous winners.

Yes. If your idea is location data based, we can assist with services like access to data and expertise, co-working and connections at any time. Contact us.

At SPUR we have a team of experienced consultants who are ready to assist with your questions on commercialisation, data management/licensing and intellectual property. In addition, we can facilitate access to Landgate's subject matter experts and to other government agencies, we're here to help ! Contact us.

Contact one of our consultants to discuss the best way we can address your specific request.

In the meantime, visit DataWA to discover over 1700 data sets from more than 60 organisations.

SPUR is powered by Landgate, the Western Australian Land Information Authority.

SPUR is Landgate’s way of bundling together some of its key services and making them easily accessible to you.

Landgate leads the Whole of Government Open Data Policy for the state of Western Australia. It advocates for the better management and use of government data. The Open Data team is part of SPUR. It developed DataWA to help collate government data so that it’s discoverable and available for use.

The Shared Location Information Platform, otherwise known as SLIP, is an open data platform for Western Australia. The aim of SLIP is to improve access to, and use of location data across the public, private and research sectors. SLIP is a key component in delivering the Western
Australian Whole-of-Government Open Data Policy (2015), which states that government agencies should make their data sets publicly available.SLIP is now accessed through the WA Government's open data website, data.wa.gov.au (DataWA).

To reduce costs to government, the Capture WA Program coordinates requests for location-based information from across state and local governments and uses a panel contract to purchase the data on behalf of the WA Land Information System (WALIS). Read more about Capture WA.

The Western Australian Land Information System (WALIS) was established in 1981 by the Western Australian Government. The WALIS community is a unique collaboration between government, private and research sectors that ensures an holistic approach to location information management in Western Australia.

The Landgate Innovation team is ready to share the experience of our decade long journey. The team can visit you, or you can come to us. Read the Innovation FAQs.

What’s the best way to contact someone at SPUR?

Call the SPUR Hub Coordinator on 08 9273 0787 or email at spur@landgate.wa.gov.au.

You can also use the collaborate/ contact us form found on all our website pages.

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