SPURonWA grant frequently asked questions

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What is the SPURonWA grant program?

The SPURonWA grant program supports WA businesses, startups and individuals to develop innovative products and services. Read about us and our background.

SPUR, powered by Landgate, is the Western Australian government services hub for the innovative use of location information. Read about us and our background.

SPUR is not an acronym. It's a call to action.

Given that everything happens in a geographical place, collated data will often include a component of spatial data or location information.

The term “location information” can be interchanged with spatial, geospatial, geodata, property, place and geographic information. It refers to any piece of information that has a location element, such as an address, a postcode, a building, a landmark, or a census area.

Examples of products and services with a location information component:

  • Your navigation system or GPS uses geospatial location or points of interest such as hotels, parking and shopping centres, in planning a route to your destination.
  • Health applications use location data to link you to your nearest medical services.
  • Satellite imagery of shopping centre car parks provides insights into customer behaviour that can assist in business decision-making.

The use of location information is central to your business idea.

Examples of what the grant funds can be used towards include (but aren’t limited to):

  • product development (prototype development, product testing, engineering design work, website or app development),
  • commercialisation services (business, financial, marketing or legal advice)
  • intellectual property protection (eg legal fees, application fees).

The grant will not fund activities retrospectively (eg. costs already incurred/ expended or as a recoup of costs) or support business as usual costs (eg. established products and services or salaries).

Yes, your project may be in the early stages of its journey and may need research to back up its viability or prove its concept.

Individuals can apply for a grant without an ABN, however if your application is successful, applicants will need to be legal entity/ business/ NFP organisation before funds will be released.

We are looking for innovative use of location data and technology.

Show us how you are using location technology to solve a known problem or address an unmet market need in a new and innovative way. For example:

  • brand new concept not currently in the market
  • similar products or services might exist but your project has a point of difference which offers more to end users /new market,
  • creates a significant improvement to or is a new take on an existing service.

The SPURonWA grant application process is a one-stage competitive process involving the submission of a written application and budget.

The evaluation of your application happens in two phases:

Phase 1: initial assessment to determine if the application is complete and the eligibility criteria has been met.

Phase 2: assessment of the project proposal against the following criteria:

  • location information is an integral component of the product/ service
  • the product/ service is innovative and new, has a unique value proposition with a market need
  • the identified outcomes are achievable and the product/ service adds value to the WA economy
  • the product/ service is considered sustainable with a sound project plan. The project team is invested and have the experience and skills to make the project successful
  • the intellectual property position is secure and there is no potential issues.

The selection panel may also seek further clarification from applicants on aspects of their submission if required. This is to ensure that any confusion can be resolved quickly.

We want to see how invested you are in your idea.  This can be cash and/ or time.

Details for round 3 of the grants will be available soon.

Enough detail so that someone who knows nothing about your idea/ project understands what it is, how it is linked to location information or technology, what funds you want and how the grant and your co-contribution/ in kind will be used during the project timeline. We need to be able to understand this in order to assess your idea.

We suggest you keep in mind the evaluation criteria when completing your application, and that you ask yourself if you have addressed each criteria sufficiently for the panel to score you appropriately.

There is no need to use the full word count allowed under each question if you can answer it more succinctly.

There is a simple sample budget (PDF 0.06MB) available to assist you to complete the budget section of the application. If you are still unsure, please contact us.

You have a few options:

  • Right click to paste (don’t use keyboard shortcuts) and select the ‘Match Destination Formatting’ option.
  • Click into a cell which still has the correct formatting and use the ‘Format painter’ function to correct any changed cells.
  • Don’t copy/paste information from a different source – type information directly into the template.

This would need to be agreed with the business consultant assigned to your project however it would be the exception and not the rule.  We are encouraging projects which can be completed in this time frame.

There is an expectation some self-investment has been made along your journey the value of which will depend on what stage you are up to. The selection/ evaluation team will be looking for investment to date (time and/ or cash) and future co-contributions for the program of work you are planning as part of this grant. There are no minimum or maximum amounts.

Insurance is an important part of operating a business and if you are already in business or are planning on taking your product/ service to market soon, SPUR would expect this to already be in place.  If you are in the early stages of development and not yet ready to go to market this is less critical.

If you are launching a product, you will need product and public liability insurance, but you may not require professional indemnity. Likewise, if you are launching a service or providing advice, you will need professional indemnity insurance, but may not require product liability.

You need to explain in your application if any of the insurances aren’t applicable to you because of the type of product/service or the stage of your project. Otherwise, it will be expected that you agree to take out all insurances prior to receiving the grant funds.

Yes. We can assist with this at any time and is not reliant on you being successful as a grant recipient.  Contact us to discuss your needs further and we will assist any way we can.

No, all IP and ownership/ equity will remain with the applicant.

Yes, there are. Some conditions include:

  • Acknowledgement of the grant support in promotional material.
  • Reporting of outcomes and acquittal of the grant funds.
  • An expectation to present / participate in SPUR events to help promote the grant.

Please read the Grant Funding Agreement (Word 0.05MB) for all the conditions.

Read our general FAQs for more information.

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