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Landgate’s Innovation Program was the result of internal discussions around how the agency could improve its services while capitalising on in-house experience and expertise.

The agency currently commits one million dollars per annum toward business-making and value-saving ideas that are posted on an internal online forum. Ideas on the forum are discussed and developed by an innovation team which comprises around twelve members of staff from throughout the agency.

The innovation team then decides which ideas are progressed as formal projects and which ideas need further development or closing down. To date, the program has funded over 135 projects with over 200,000 hits being registered on the internal forum.

The program is powered by four key words: Create, Collaborate, Communicate and Celebrate. In a nutshell, this means empowering staff to go beyond their duties and be inspired to create new and innovative solutions in an open, transparent and collaborative way.

The ingredient for innovation at Landgate has been simple. You need some staff to ‘champion’ the cause of innovation and you need a place where people can interact with one another in designing innovative solutions for your business.

Many in-house projects that have been championed by the Landgate Innovation Program did not require actual funding. Having a well-placed champion on your innovation team can make things happen and can help facilitate ideas from inception to delivery.

No. Landgate is not the expert or authority on innovation and it would be best to tailor your own solution to suit your own needs. Landgate would be more than happy to help you with some of the principles and lessons we have learned along the way but a best-fit innovation program should be specifically
suited to your own organisation.

Managerial support is required to help develop an innovation program get off the ground and be successful. A good way to showcase innovation is to share stories about what other agencies or companies are doing in the innovation space.

Most people get pretty excited by technological and innovative solutions and we’re always looking for new ways to provide better services. Innovation is one key way to ensure a change for the better.

The Innovation Program works inside government protocol and within all of the relevant guidelines and policies.

The program employs each of the necessary means for reporting, transparency and accountability; ensuring each of the funding decisions made by the program are justified. The program regularly reports to the Corporate Executive and Board of Management and any substantial decisions still require the support
of the executive.

When starting up, the program submitted a governance document to the executive which outlined each of the key reporting mechanisms, funding thresholds and processes for approval.

Yes. Internal Audit has assessed each of the key aspects of the program, including policies, processes and procedures, reporting and the means of approval. Audit has given the program a clean bill of health.

Similarly, a number of external innovation consultants have assessed the program and have found the innovation program to be one of the most interesting and progressive models of innovation in government.

Yes. Landgate has twice received national recognition for its innovation achievements. In July 2018, Landgate was awarded the AFR’s 19th Most Innovative Company and the number 1 Government agency in Australia and New Zealand. This achievement surpassed the 22nd place ranking Landgate received in the 2016 AFR awards. You can read more about the awards online.

Landgate’s innovation program and several innovation projects have been finalists at the Premier’s Awards. The agency has also been asked to present its program at several forums and sits on the Western Australian Public Sector innovation committee.

In 2017, the world-renowned Princeton University invited Landgate to present the Landgate innovation story to its prestigious 'Innovation for Successful Societies' program of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs in the United States. The invitation followed a                           target="_blank">case study produced by Princeton researcher Maya Gainer, which details Landgate’s innovation journey from its inception in 2007 to the innovative and dynamic business we are today.

Innovation is listed as a key competency for staff interested in joining the agency and noted on each employee’s Job Description Form. All staff is encouraged to use 5% of their time for innovation.

Retaining staff interest means providing ownership back to staff and giving them the opportunity to express their views and ideas on new products, services and in-house efficiencies. Demonstrating that ideas are valued, discussing these ideas, further developing them and communicating the implementation,
encourages staff to provide ideas as they see this program as an avenue to implement change.

The Innovation Program is not only about developing new products and services and rolling out in-house efficiencies but is also about enabling industry.

Many of the projects that have been funded through innovation are required to report back to the innovation team at regular intervals. This will often include a traffic light report tracking the budget and schedule and whether there have been any delays.

Some projects are closed before they reach their conclusion as the best possible cost benefits outcome cannot be seen. In these cases, a “lessons learned” are captured on the Innovation Outcomes Canvas so that the agency does not make the same mistake again.

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