South-West Native Title Settlement

The South-West Native Title Settlement is the most comprehensive native title agreement proposed in Australian history, comprising of all native title claims in the South-West of Western Australia.

Leveraging Landgate’s Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP) web application, negotiations over land were made significantly more efficient through the implementation of a cloud-based platform used by the Department of Lands, South-West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council and Department of Mines and Petroleum providing a shared view of the same up-to-date information.

The Settlement represents a significant investment in both the Noongar community and the shared future of the Western Australian community. The process of negotiating this settlement relies heavily on the use of location information as it involves the potential transfer of Crown land. The historic agreement involves around 30,000 Noongar people and covers approximately 200,000 square kilometres.

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Indigenous Mapping Workshop Perth 2019

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop (IMW) is a global event initiated by the Firelight Group in Canada in 2013.The aim of the workshop is to enhance indigenous people's knowledge in geospatial technologies.To date, more than 1000 Indigenous people and organisations have participated in IMW events in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

SPUR, powered by Landgate, proudly committed financial and in-kind support to the Perth edition of the IMW held at FLUX coworking space on 16-17 July 2019.

The 100+ workshop attendees travelled from all around Australia for the opportunity to learn how to optimise their use of mapping tools to collect, host, visualise, share and publish map data. Participants experienced first hand how geospatial technology could enhance their local and traditional knowledge of the land, their management of natural resources and improve communication within and across communities. A team of Landgate's geospatial experts joined in to demonstrate how government location data could be accessed freely and be incorporated in applications.

Travelling all the way from the Kimberleys, Wunggurr rangers Dean Alfey Wungundin (pictured), Luke Russ and Katherine Mitchell were delighted to participate in the workshop. Back on Wilinggin country, they use maps to manage wildfires, control weeds and feral animals and monitor cultural sites. This workshop gave them an opportunity to share their experiences with other participants, and learn about different geospatial tools and how these could support them in their duties.

Startups UP CLOSE

In order to create connections between the startup community and the public sector at large,SPUR organised the event 'Startups UP CLOSE' In May 2019 in partnership with the  WA Public Sector Innovation Network (WAPSIN) and the WA Land Information Services' group (WALIS).

Guests from a number of government agencies as well as Landgate staff were treated to inspiring pitches from six emerging WA startups operating in sectors as diverse as analyticals, mining, education, community, virtual reality and property. These presentations clearly illustrated that the majority of applications developed in the startup sphere require access to reliable location information. SPUR's important role as facilitator in gaining access to key government location data was highlighted by presenters on the day.

Following the presentations, members of the audience were invited to wander through the mini-expo and exchange views with startups founders.

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