Supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs

SPUR works with people and organisations to achieve shared goals.

The SPUR team lends its expertise to key Western Australian government initiatives.

Its startup services support the development of new businesses that ultimately employ people and deliver services Australia-wide and internationally.

Opening up government data supports the growth of innovative location-based businesses and creates efficiencies for the Western Australian economy.

If you have a collaborative opportunity, get in touch.

Access to data

SPUR is your gateway to a wide-range of location and government data via the Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP) and the Open Data portal.

Get in touch with us early in your project to sample Landgate datasets, ranging from property and sales data, to satellite and aerial imagery.

A SPUR developer’s licence gives affordable short-term access to commercial datasets. This can help build and test your ideas before going to market.

Fintech startup Moneycatcha used a developer’s licence to successfully test their product. This helped them establish a partnership with a major international banking group for trial of their blockchain based solutions.

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SPURonWA grant

If you’re developing the next innovative location-based product or service, you can apply for a SPURonWA grant. These grants are offered annually through a competitive process and can be used to help with the costs of developing your idea.

Read the range of excellent ideas funded by SPURonWA grants.

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Ideation and 'hack' events

SPUR participates in hack events including GovHack, HackEd, Startup Weekend and Ministry of Data. We support and facilitate industry innovation events and provide access to data and expertise.

Ideation events are a great way to collaborate with people to create new solutions to problems.

Let us know about your hack event. We would love to talk to your hack teams about helping them access data. We're happy to take part including assisting ideas generation.

Commercial partnerships

SPUR, powered by Landgate, pursues new business partnerships and alliances with a focus on location-based products and services. We have a history of successfully collaborating with other organisations locally, nationally and internationally.

Contact us to discuss your commercial partnership ideas.

SPUR co-working

Short-term desk and meeting room space is available for use at SPUR HQ in Midland or our Perth City base. Access is open to anyone building or researching new and innovative solutions using location technology.

While you're visiting, get access to our expertise or chat to us about how our government and industry contacts could be useful to you.

Come and join us – contact us for access.

Let's collaborate!

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