China is coming to SPUR!

Photo: Mr Wang Zhongbo, Marie Taylor, Levi Fordham, Ms Yun Zhang, Bronwyn Brown, Mr Wang Shanhua and Mr He Youyong.

Actually, not all of China…but four employees from Landgate’s counterpart land agency in Zhejiang (pronounced Zhe-jiang), the Department of Land and Resources. They will take part in a four-week land administration Australia Awards Fellowship program from Tuesday 7 March to Friday 31 March. The Fellows will be given an overview of Landgate’s role and responsibilities, be actively involved in Innovation month and visit other agencies, including Lands, Planning and Local Governments.  

A big part of the visit for our Fellows will be to experience our culture and get a taste of life in Perth.

So say hello or nĭ hăo (pronounced 'knee how') when you see them!

Many thanks to the Landgate employees who put up their hand to act as buddies and help the Fellows get comfortable in their WA surroundings.

“Landgate is a world leader in the management of land information and geographic data,” SPUR’s General Manager Peter Markham said.

“The Australia Awards Fellowship allows us to share our knowledge with developing countries, build international relationships and show participants what Western Australia has to offer.”

The Australia Awards Fellowships are funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) with the intention of building relationships and sharing knowledge and technical expertise with developing nations. The Chinese province of Zhejiang has been engaged in a Sister State partnership with Western Australia since 1987.

For more information, please contact Bronwyn Brown from the SPUR team on 9273 7525.

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