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Curtin Growth Ignition Scholarships

SPUR is powering up our support for West Australian start-ups by offering two places at this year’s Curtin Growth Ignition program.

Do you have an exciting new business idea relying on the use of location information?

Entries are open to you now for a place at the mind-shifting Curtin Growth Ignition experience.

Growth Ignition is an intensive five-and-a-half-day course run by Curtin’s Business School, helping aspiring entrepreneurs to prepare their ideas for the leap to the commercial world. A mix of presentations, workshop sessions, mentoring and networking opportunities will give you the skills to take your business to the next step.

SPUR General Manager Peter Markham announced an exciting addition to SPUR’s 2017 support.  “As part of Landgate’s Reconciliation Action Plan for the employment and training of Indigenous Australians, we are excited to support an Indigenous entrepreneur to be part of this program,’  Peter said.

This year, SPUR is specifically offering a fully funded place on the Curtin Growth Ignition Program to an Indigenous West Australian who has a start-up or business dream, wherever they are located.  “We don’t want your physical location to stop you from attending. If you are not local to the metropolitan area, SPUR will provide assistance to ensure you can be part of this fantastic opportunity.”

2016 scholarship winners Cultured attribute a huge part of their success to the Curtin Growth Ignition program training.

Cultured co-creator Jacinta Houzer said that she was able to participate in the opportunity of a lifetime by attending the program on a SPUR scholarship.

“Since completing the program, my business partner Alastair Parker and I have a much clearer understanding of what steps we need to take in order to grow, and reach our end goal,” Ms Houzer said.

“Everything from creating a winning presentation through to preparing financials was covered by leading entrepreneurs and innovators at Ignition.

“The program provided us with amazing networking opportunities and helped us devise better ways of meeting the needs of our customers.

“SPUR powered by Landgate is doing really great things in the innovation sector. I would urge any start-up businesses in this space to apply for these scholarships to get a better understanding of the next successful steps for your business.”

Applications for the SPUR powered by Landgate scholarships are open until 7 July. You can access the criteria information and more by visiting Curtin’s website.

Questions? Contact the SPUR team on 08 9273 7787. We’re ready to help.

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