Announcing 2017 SPURonWA grant recipients

SPURonWA grants are one way Landgate is driving innovation through SPUR. Since its launch in April 2016, SPUR has been collaborating with Western Australian start-ups, researchers and government agencies on new innovations that accelerate economic development in the digital economy. Read some of our success stories.

SPUR powered by Landgate is pleased to announce the recipients of the second round of the SPURonWA grant program.

From a highly competitive field of 39 applications from WA entrepreneurs and innovators, 7 projects were selected for their potential to meet SPUR objectives to:

  • reduce operating costs of government and industry
  • improve government service delivery to benefit the community,
  • help develop and grow successful local business enterprises that will contribute to the WA economy.

The SPUR team, with assistance from hub partners, is looking forward to working with these businesses and start-ups to accelerate their businesses.

SPUR provides a range of support services to WA based location technology businesses and the public sector through improved access to data, mentorship and a co-working space. Contact the SPUR team via to find out more information.

Builder's E-Commerce is a platform allowing real-time planning checks against a property to fast track building approval applications.

PlanningSpace is an innovative virtual reality tool which will help stakeholders understand the complexities of any urban proposal, using the power of virtual reality. Users can easily navigate, analyse, collaborate (from different locations) and identify issues before actual construction, improving functionality in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Play'N to Win uses various sources of spatial data, including the farmer's own data, to improve fertiliser efficiency and environmental care.

SpacetoCo is a website for the listing and short-term rental of Spaces. SpacetoCo makes it possible for individuals to easily list their Space to an online marketplace. This marketplace then serves the general community by handling locational searches, availability, two-way reviews and payments. This idea encourages local area economies.

The Ovass Geotaskr platform is an easy way to make high value visualisation tool using satellite and aerial data. It turns millions of images into useful information, creating insightful datasets that enable key business decision making.

Landguide is a land only real estate platform that connects land buyers and land sellers using a purpose built interactive interface which focuses on location based information.

Smartvision helps businesses capture and analyse road video data to provide intelligent, actionable insights. The system utilises depth sensing and location aware hardware, combined with computer vision and machine-learning algorithms to automatically detect roadside hazards from real-time or recorded video feeds.

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