SPURonWA grant frequently asked questions

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What is the SPURonWA grant program?

Landgate allocates $100,000 annually to this competitive grant program with individual grants of up to $25,000.

The objective of the SPURonWA grant program is to support Western Australian businesses, startups and individuals who are developing new and/or innovative location based idea/product/service that:

  • make innovative use of Landgate and other government agencies' location data
  • reduce operating costs for government and industry
  • improve government service delivery
  • create a stronger local economy through growth of business enterprise in WA

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SPUR, powered by Landgate, is the Western Australian government services hub for the innovative use of location information. Read about us and our background.

SPUR is not an acronym. It's a call to action.

Everything happens in a geographical place. The term 'location information' can be interchanged with spatial, geospatial, geodata, and geographic information.

Location information can be utilised across many industries including Property & Real Estate, Transport, Agriculture, IT and Building/Construction. Examples include:

  • Food delivery and ride sharing platforms use location data to map a route to your destination
  • Real estate platforms display location and property data to inform buyers and sellers
  • Spatial service companies use satellite and other imagery to determine changes to the built and natural environment and inform business decisions
  • Landgate’s Property Sales Reports use location data to provide sales history for Western Australian properties

For more examples, read more about past SPURonWA grant winners here success stories.

Some examples of how the grant funds can be used are:

  • product development - prototype development, product testing, engineering design work, website or app development
  • commercialisation services - business, financial, marketing or legal advice
  • intellectual property protection

The grant will not fund activities retrospectively, nor support business-as-usual costs for established products and services.

Yes, subject to the grant objectives and evaluation criteria.

Individuals can apply for a grant without an ABN. If your submission is successful, this step will have to be completed to allow for the release of funding.

We are looking for innovative use of location data and technology. Show us how you are using location information to solve a known problem or address an unmet market need in a new and innovative way. For example:

  • your idea is a brand new concept not currently in the market
  • your product has a unique point of difference even though similar products already exist
  • your service significantly improves an existing service or is a new take on it
  • your project makes innovative use of government data

The SPURonWA grant application process is a one-stage competitive process. Your submission is to be created on a secure online platform and will require you to provide details on your business, explain your project and the short/long term outcomes expected as well as a project plan and budget.

We want to see how committed you are to your idea/product/service.

We expect that the funds will be transferred by mid-November.

We need to be able to understand your project in order to assess it. Provide enough details (dot points are fine), use plain English, try to simplify very technical aspects and keep in mind the grant objectives.

You have a few options:

  • Right click to paste (don’t use keyboard shortcuts) and select the ‘Match Destination Formatting’ option.
  • Click into a cell which still has the correct formatting and use the ‘Format painter’ function to correct any changed cells.
  • Don’t copy/paste information from a different source – type information directly into the template.

We are encouraging projects which can be completed in this time frame.

There are no minimum or maximum amounts. Self-investment and future co-contributions demonstrate your commitment to your project and help us assess its viability.

Insurance is an important part of operating a business and we expect you to be lawfully compliant, however we can discuss your specific requirements. It is recommended that you seek professional advice from your insurance broker.

If your proposal is successful, SPUR will require you to provide a certificate of currency prior to release of the grant funding.

Definitely Yes !

We can assist with this at any time and is not reliant on you being successful as a grant recipient.  Contact us to discuss your needs further and we will assist any way we can.

All IP (subject to third party IP) and ownership/equity will remain with the applicant.

The Grant Funding Agreement (PDF) signed by both parties clearly defines the grant conditions including:

  • reporting on outcomes and providing financial acquittal with supporting invoices/receipts
  • acknowledging SPUR's support in their communications, social media and promotional material
  • sharing their stories at SPUR events
  • promoting the grant program to your business network

Read our general FAQs for more information.

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