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SPUR, powered by Landgate, is a catalyst for different government and industry projects. We find solutions by using location information and other data that adds value, solves challenges and reduces costs.

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Since receiving SPUR grant funding, SpacetoCo has been able to implement two significant milestone projects. We have improved search functionality with a kilometre radius search tool on the space search results page. We have also been able to automate data extraction from our database to assist with business analytics, customer service, customer feedback, and future planning. The latter has been an invaluable tool to support our work in local government.

Whilst the SPUR funding was greatly received, the recognition, networking opportunities and continuing support from SPUR staff continues to help us achieve our goals. We’ll always be grateful to SPUR because they gave our fledgling startup a real boost when we needed it most!

We have been privileged to work with the SPURonWA team. They have been helpful, enthusiastic and prepared to help in any way possible. The team has looked for multiple opportunities to assist SpacetoCo from the provision of a working space to assistance with events to exploring an opportunity to further engage in a project for the utilisation of SpacetoCo as a system for the entirety of Landgate. - Jeremy Hurst, Co-Founder and Director of SpacetoCo

Ovass used the SPURonWA grant to build out its Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability to identify shipping vessels at sea. Not only can its AI identify a marine vessel but also the type of vessel. This technology is then used to identify ‘dark’ vessels that maybe taking part in illegal activities such as illegal fishing. By automating the detection of these vessels we can speed up the time it takes for authorities to take action by providing them with accurate information and insight. Illegal fishing is thought to cost the global economy $36.4b a year.

The SPURonWA grant has enabled us to compete on the global geospatial analytics stage. It has enabled us to build out capability that allows us to stand alongside global heavyweights in the geospatial intelligence industry. - Dave Newman, Founder & CEO

Laconik used the SPURonWA grant to develop the user interface for Play’N To Win, a dynamic, spatial and real time product that maximises nitrogen fertiliser efficiency, profitability and environmental stewardship.

It combines various and disparate sources of location information with internally developed nitrogen response algorithms to deliver easy-to-understand maps of profitable nitrogen fertiliser rates at any time during the year.

There is no other product currently in the market which can be run and rerun throughout the season using multiple sources of location data.  

Laconik also accessed a number of additional SPUR services during the grant project period including co-working space, location data made available through the Open Data policy, and collaborated with Landgate spatial experts regarding data and analysis. It secured its first commercial sale as a direct result of the SPURonWA grant.

Farmers in Western Australia and South Australia are using the technology in 2018 and this will bring new economic activity and employment into WA.

Developing new and innovative ways to use data will increase the productivity and profitability of agriculture. Western Australian agtech start-up Laconik, received a SPURonWA grant in 2017 and used it to develop Play’N To Win, new technology which helps farmers improve nitrogen fertiliser decisions. As a direct result of the grant Laconik secured its first commercial sale to farmers in WA and SA. Laconik plans to continue developing a suit of new technologies fit for purpose. This will bring new economic activity and jobs to WA. Laconik encourages any start-up considering a SPURonWA grant to apply. It has provided real benefits to Laconik. - Darren Hughes, Managing Director

Born out of the Ministry of Data Hackathon, Smart Vision AI is a computer vision startup, looking to help businesses capture and analyse road video data to provide intelligent, actionable insights. The system utilises depth sensing and location-aware hardware, combined with computer vision and machine-learning algorithms to automatically detect roadside hazards from real-time or recorded video feeds.

We approached SPUR very early on, with really just a prototype, some optimistic goals and a determined team. With the early support from SPUR, not just financially, but through their expertise and data, we believe our team will be well positioned to launch our product to market later in the year. SPUR has been tremendously supportive of our company’s objectives and we’re extremely grateful that this grant exists, as without it, our beginnings would be far more difficult, challenging and more worryingly, slower. We encourage others with spatial/ location based start-ups to get in touch with the SPUR team to see in what ways they can help. - Ryan O’Sullivan, Co-Founder logo

SPUR is pleased to be helping Western Australian start-up (now drive its business forward.

Structural engineer Chris Dorian founded two years ago after becoming frustrated with the complexities and inefficiencies associated with obtaining building plan approval.  His goal is to develop a fully automated online building approval system ensuring consumers enjoy a smooth, effortless experience during the planning process.

Builder's logo has launched Builder’s E-Commerce, a customisable online platform for builders.

SPUR is helping with its idea for development of the complete online building approval process through access to Landgate data and funding. A co-working arrangement means the team enjoys regular one-on-one consultation with our data and commercialisation experts at Landgate.

This was the SPUR team's first co-working collaboration and proved beneficial to everyone involved.

In 2018, Chris began investigating the potential of blockchain technology to improve his business model. In April, he and his team were awarded BlockEngine Winner of Best Blockchain Solution at Melbourne’s Blockchain Centre. officially pivoted to become BuildSort, with a projected global launch in June 2019.

The SPURonWA grant assisted us to get our much needed marketing strategy ready for launch. The help Landgate and the SPUR team have provided has been so valuable. - Chris Dorian, Director

Landguide company logo

WA tech start-up Landguide teamed up with SPUR to create a new comparison website which helps first home buyers and investors save time and money when choosing where to live or invest.

Founded in 2015, Landguide was created to educate and empower land buyers by improving transparency and simplifying the process of finding your dream location to live.

The recipient of a SPURonWA grant, Landguide embarked on a journey to collate the overwhelming amount of real estate data available and build an innovative new style of comparison website. Making use of a SPUR Developer’s Licence, specifically designed for start-ups, Landguide leverages real time location data to give a true perspective of a block of land and the surrounding location, allowing land buyers to compare features like local amenities, schools and transportation services.

The website, launched in April 2017, lets buyers directly compare land from different sellers across the state. It also offers the ability to review the environmental rating of new land estates using both the Green Build Council Australia and the EnviroDevelopments rating systems. Through the use of these insights, the Landguide team believes it will drive land sellers to be more competitive on price and features while encouraging the land buyer to consider the long-term value of the property they are buying.

Landguide stimulates the potential for affordable living, lifestyle and sustainability by putting the power back into the consumer’s hands.

Encouraging buyers to think more about value, the ultimate mission of Landguide is to improve housing affordability and promote liveable communities in Western Australia.

As a start-up, often the first few steps are the hardest and for anyone looking at getting involved in spatial/location data space SPUR should be your first stop. For us as a start-up we not only got expert advice but also got excellent networking and meeting opportunities. Landguide would highly recommend the SPUR team to help you leverage data today. - Chris Bashall, CIO

PropertySMS logo

PropertySMS is an app that is changing the way real estate professionals are communicating with their clients.

The app allows agents to maintain a consistent flow of personalised, relevant communication on local property sales with their contact list of potential sellers or buyers. Whenever a home is sold near a property that is owned by one the agents’ contacts, a text message is generated on the agents’ behalf advising of the sale price along with other property details.

This technology enhances the agents’ professional service increasing their chances of business in their local neighbourhood.

PropertySMS took advantage of access to a SPUR developer’s licence from Landgate. This allowed PropertySMS to integrate Landgate’s property and sales data, at a reduced cost during the engineering and market validation stage of their app development.

Find out more about PropertySMS, watch a demonstration video or download the app by visiting

yStop logo

yStop is Australia's first, broad-scale, smart furniture provider.

Combining modular design, patented technology, new reporting systems and a community-first business model yStop brings a new way of seeing and sensing cities - through world-first 'Connectors'.

Each Connector works as part of a clever productivity and community engagement platform. Most are solar powered to provide features inc:

  • phone-charging seats + shelters
  • waste-sensing bin surrounds and
  • a micro-donation + way-finding platform called 'Dwell'

The yStop Dashboard, meanwhile, 'learns' the most efficient maintenance schedules and remotely updates community event notifications. Using the LoRa network (low power, wide range communication) and Australia’s best route-mapping software, maintenance teams are instantly connected with real-time needs. yStop have installed one of Perth’s first LoRa gateways which is also open for community use. Together, these systems go towards providing world’s-best waste and maintenance fleet management - currently under trial with a local Perth council.

Other Dashboard applications include air sensors that provide hyper-local monitoring which can alert to high diesel emissions. Currently a program is being developed - together with Perth schools and university's - to help students teach parents about the dangers of idling vehicles at school pick-ups - with other community IoT applications to be announced soon.

All of this through an innovative business model where start-up precincts, charity campaigns and creative networks can be showcased - without cost.

For more information contact yStop on 1300 236 242 or check out the new website.

The SPURonWA grant has raised our profile as well as providing some much needed funds for development costs. The management and leadership course was great. Thanks for the support. – Len Luxford, Director

Instatruck logo

Instatruck is an online truck-matching platform with the potential to completely reconfigure the current land transport industry in Western Australia. By leveraging new technology, Instatruck significantly improves system efficiency by simply allowing customers to source the closest, most suitable truck for their needs whilst maintaining high standards of safety.

Instatruck used their SPURonWA grant funds to develop an android platform for use in their load-to-truck matching and tracking business. Since launching in 2015 they have helped fill gaps in the schedules of truck drivers by serving customer’s specific and immediate courier needs.  Customer and driver apps talk to each other, matching load size to truck type and journeys are tracked using an innovative online system for mobile devices. Over the course of the last year, over 93% of trucks arrived at the pick-up location within half an hour of booking.

The outstanding success of their Perth based operation means that the business is expanding to the east coast of Australia.

Instatruck was named in the top 20 finalists of the Oz App Awards 2016 and was the Growth Category winner of the Western Australia Innovator of the Year 2016.

The SPURonWA grant contributed significantly to the budget for developing what we consider to be a piece of cutting edge technology in the development of our Driver Android App. The funding has been significantly beneficial to our company as it has assisted us in meeting our commercial needs and objectives. The funding has been one piece of the many required to successfully commercialise a project such as Instatruck. – Siobhan Lancaster, CEO

Founded in 2016, Cultured Cities aims to enhance the experiences of young travellers arriving in Perth.

They do so by gathering information curated by local students, and pass this knowledge onto young travellers such as backpackers and international students. Their aim is to provide a genuine experience of the city’s culture, and assist visitors in exploring a city beyond the tourist traps.

Jacinta Houzer, a co-founder of Cultured Cities, was the recipient of the 2016 Curtin Ignition Scholarship awarded by Landgate - a program that assisted the team in transforming their offering from physical paper maps, into the location based platform it is today.

Community Insight Australia enables users to select an area and generate in-depth social profile reports in under 10 minutes. It is the only off-the-shelf software that enables users to define their own areas and access the available data on the people within them. The Community Insight Australia tool is a user-friendly solution for people making location-based decisions in government and not-for-profit organisations, with all data accessed through a map, rather than a spreadsheet.

Community Insight Australia used the SPURonWA grant to achieve their short term objective of developing the report-generating functionality of the tool.  While the application can now generate reports based on user defined areas, market launch is some months away.

The benefits of Community Insight Australia’s product are twofold. Community Insights Australia visualises publicly available data so that government and not-for-profit organisations can deliver services tailored to geographic communities. The tool also enables organisations to map their own data, to understand the spatial relationship between their services and community need.

The long term outcomes for Community Insight Australia include improving outcomes for disadvantaged West Australians, as targeted information leads to more efficient and more effective services.

The SPURonWA grant helped fund the development of our automated report functionality. This report is a massive game-changer in terms of the amount of information that can be accessed on any Australian location, by anyone, within 10 minutes. - Emma Tomkinson, Director

InFarm is a drone to tractor data processing solution that allows farmers to spot spray fallow weeds using their existing farm machinery. Drones images, collected from the paddock, are uploaded into the InFarm processing platform where our unique weed identifying algorithm is used. The result is a tractor ready file that can be uploaded into farmers standard tractors. Our data then controls the nozzles turning them on and off depending on the presence of weeds.

The result is a reduction in chemical usage, which is financially beneficial to the farmer and has numerous positive environmental benefits.

SPURonWA funding was used to develop and secure an intellectual property strategy surrounding InFarm’s innovation.

The team at SPUR are extremely understanding and easy to work with. We hope that this grant continues into the future, helping the commercialisation of many more companies, products and ideas like ours. – Jerome Leray, Chief Pilot and CEO

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